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"People without children would face a hopeless future; a country without trees and wildlife is almost as helpless".

I still remember my childhood days when I used to visit Dandeli a place where even my father started his professional career and also where my most of the relatives were staying.Even though I never brought up in Dandeli no one could stop me to go there since it was just two hours journey from my native. And during every visit I used to get the scoldings from my father and relatives since I used to spend most of the time in forests than in house.So as I grown up my visit to Dandeli became very less except twice or thrice in a year since I became busy with studies but always I had in my mind that I should contribute something to these magnificent forests which inspired me a lot to fall in love with the Conservation.So it is just an attempt from my side to create awareness to save these magnificent animals and landscapes they exist in.If this blog contributes in a small way to achieve this goal I will be the most happiest person in this world.
This blog mainly focuses towards conservation activities in and around Dandeli-Anshi Tiger Reserve.This blog doesn't provide any information regarding tourism and its related activities in and around Dandeli-Anshi Tiger Reserve.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dandeli forests to have HORNBILL RESERVE

It is very happy to know that Dandeli forests are now to be declared as HORNBILL  RESERVE.This is the sincere effort made by then DCF of Dandeli Wildlife Division Mr Manojkumar and notable conservationist Mr.Balachandra Hegde and also Mr. Vishweshwar Bhat who is the editor of Vijaya Karnataka newspaper who supported through media by requesting Honorable Chief Minister Mr.B S Yedyurappa to declare these forests as Hornbill Reserve in order to protect these bird species.
                        Dandeli forests are home to Endangered Hornbills.There are 4 species of hornbills  are found here,mainly Malabar Pied,Malabar Grey,Indian Grey and Great Pied Hornbill.Final procedures are going on and we ll get the good news soon regarding this.

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