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"People without children would face a hopeless future; a country without trees and wildlife is almost as helpless".

I still remember my childhood days when I used to visit Dandeli a place where even my father started his professional career and also where my most of the relatives were staying.Even though I never brought up in Dandeli no one could stop me to go there since it was just two hours journey from my native. And during every visit I used to get the scoldings from my father and relatives since I used to spend most of the time in forests than in house.So as I grown up my visit to Dandeli became very less except twice or thrice in a year since I became busy with studies but always I had in my mind that I should contribute something to these magnificent forests which inspired me a lot to fall in love with the Conservation.So it is just an attempt from my side to create awareness to save these magnificent animals and landscapes they exist in.If this blog contributes in a small way to achieve this goal I will be the most happiest person in this world.
This blog mainly focuses towards conservation activities in and around Dandeli-Anshi Tiger Reserve.This blog doesn't provide any information regarding tourism and its related activities in and around Dandeli-Anshi Tiger Reserve.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tourist found dead in Dandeli-Anshi Tiger Reserve

A group of tourists from Dharwad who were on a picnic to Dandeli-Anshi Tiger Reserve became witnesses for a tragedy on last Sunday.
Chandregowda who was working in a Dharwad based private company had come for a picnic with his colleagues/friends to Syntheri Rocks which is situated in Phansoli Wildlife Range of Dandeli-Anshi Tiger Reserve and was found missing near Kaneri river bridge since Sunday afternoon and search for the body was in progress till Monday since heavy  rain tampered the operation.But however it has been said that by Monday evening police department personnel with the help of Forest department staff and local people could able to recover the body.
It is said that all these people were consumed alcohol and were celebrating a party near hanging bridge where the entry is strictly prohibited.And suddenly Chandregowda was missing by that time, probably might have been drowned in the deep water.
For more information please find the attachment below:
Tragedic Ends here are not new:
It is important to notice that six months before at the same place one more person was found dead.And even Syntheri Rocks is also not safe which has witnessed many deaths in this area.
Lesson for all who enter forests and other Protected Areas:
Whoever is entering the forests or protected areas such as Tiger Reserves,Wildlife Sanctuaries,National Parks should take a prior permission from the concerned department and should also accompany a guide who knows the area well.And neglecting such things has resulted in a Trekker's death who had trespassed the Bannerghatta National Park and trampled to death by an elephant on the same day.
Hence I would like to suggest some of the points for the trekkers.

1.Forests are home to wild animals so you are in their territory and we can never expect a mercy from them so anything can happen if you encounter them face to face.
2.Do not enter Restricted areas in the forests without prior permission from the concerned department and never forget to be accompanied by the guide who knows the area very well.And never be in such an assumption that you are totally safe if you have Google maps or GPS locations.
3.Wear the proper camouflage in the forests.
4.Never apply deodorants or some other body sprays which may attract elephants and some other animals which can smell from very far places.
5.Take the treks on designated paths.
6.Never try to swim in the lakes,streams,rivers which are unknown since there may be whirlpools or even may be infested with the crocodiles.
7.Never litter or play a music.
8.Always follow your trek team and make sure that you are not left behind since there are chances of losing the routes.
9.If you loose the paths never try to find some other paths instead stay in the same place from where you left behind so that your team members can track you easily.
10.Maintain a safe distance from the wild animals because just for a good photo shot you may even loose your life.
Important Note:
Tiger Reserves,Wildlife Sanctuaries,National Parks are not picnic spots as many people think.These places are meant for wild animals and not for humans.There is no wrong in visiting them since everyone should be aware of wildlife and their conservation but trespassing into the forests,littering,playing music and other such activities are punishable under Wildlife Protection Act.So please think and act properly before you visit any forests or protected areas in the future.

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  1. Very informational post. Surrounded by dense forests, this small town of Dandeli is bestowed with a plethora of unexplored and uncharted spots. Check out some popular places to visit in Dandeli such as The Kavala Caves, Ulavi Channabasappa Temple, and Anshi National Park etc.